De-Junking The Kids

  How many times a day do you hear “Mom, can I have a snack?” or “I’m so hungry!” I can honestly tell you that with 2 kids, it is an almost constant stream in my house and even in the car. I don’t have time to make healthy snacks for the kids several time per day, so I finally found something they love that's also good for them! … [Read more...]

Bloggers Gonna Blog

Okay so by now y'all know I live in a town about the size of a mini van. We have a Walmart & a Waffle House I know classy right ? Nah... I love it though... Small town living is amazing but not so much when you want new and "different" stuff. So when I started blogging and meeting new people. I was blown away with the uniqueness of organic products and all the neat amazing things that people make and have won me over with way more than my items I buy online from Sephora. … [Read more...]