DIY Repurposed Quote Globe

This was so much fun ! Definitely my top 5 crafts I have ever created. Lately I have been seeing these amazing unique glove with quotes everywhere ! And I was so smitten I had to make one ASAP ! And I did it for so cheap ! It came out exactly like I wanted it. I plan on making more in different colors and quotes... This globe was given to me by a co-worker but I recently bought 2 more on E-bay for super cheap so look there if you can't find one at Goodwill or another thrift store. … [Read more...]

So Your Not Martha Stewart?

In the world of Pinterest its hard to feel like you can't cook, can't clean and it kinda makes you panic when you want to try a craft. Don't let it everyone is good at what they are good at and actually want to-do. I enjoy very simple crafts that are cheap and DIY. It's like a stress reliever for me. This little craft was obviously so easy but so worth it. … [Read more...]