Vampire Blood Cocktail

    I have to admit, I had a lot of fun making this cocktail.  First of all, I love every ingredient in this drink.  That’s always priority number one.  But to make something look gory and disgusting, yet taste awesome, just makes me excited! There are so many options with the flavored vodkas. This Vampire Blood will help you get your ghoul on!! It is not strong at all and taste like a relaxed fruity creation, DELISH!! Half the fun is coming up with a gruesome name for something that is unique and fun! [mpprecipe-recipe:39] Enjoy Happy Halloween!! … [Read more...]

Sequins Soiree

Does the thought of planning a party or event have you so stressed that you need a bottle of wine to even try to focus? I can help! Laci @ Sequins in the South is excited to introduce her virtual party planner services Sequins Soiree to help you plan the party you can only imagine! Planning a party can be stressful and overwhelming, but it can also be expensive. So, if you find that a physical party planner is not in your budget, try my affordable virtual party planning service for only $45! For years people have been begging me to open up shop as a party planner! Ans yes, I would love to but … [Read more...]

Mini Roast Beef Sammies.

Who's ready for some football ???? I live in Georgia and down here Football is a huge deal especially on Super Bowl Sunday !! Every year we have people over to hang out watch the game and play cards ! I normally just pick everything up out in town. NOPE not this year i'm excited all my goals for the past few moths have had one common factor that was for me to cook more. I'm finally getting there... no i'm no gourmet chef but stuff like this is fun and so good !!! I practiced a few nights ago and this is a new favorite by far !! I'm excited ! And it's fancy, easy and fast amazing right ? … [Read more...]

The Next 365.

People fuss & fuss every year cause so many people make "New Year Resolutions". I actually love when people do this why not ? It gives you a new outlook & makes the new year more anticipated. If you miss the mark hey its okay at least you tried ! My # one resolution for this year is: STOP TAKING EVERYTHING SO PERSONAL. I never used to be this fragile and here lately it's worse !! This is a major flaw for me !! It's like with my co workers and people that I dont know very well I take everything they say to personal. It's like maybe they did mean something by what they said but why do I … [Read more...]