kiwi Lemonade.

  It's feeling like full blown warm spring in Georgia right now ! Today we got everything outside ready I used the pressure washer for at least a few hours today I will be so sore tomorrow that's for sure ! But it felt good to clean in the sunshine ! Now all the decks and patios are summer sitting ready ! … [Read more...]

Jolly Rancher Margarita.

I'm in Georgia and I'm a sun loving queen !!! But the past few weeks have been so cold, dim and grey it's absolutely killing me ! My kids are literally bouncing off the walls we are used to running free barefoot and no jackets ! So YES I created a cheerful much needed ADULT drink ! As always Easy, Pretty and Amazing ! … [Read more...]

4 Layer Strawberry Dessert.

Not only is this dessert SO CUTE but it's also really good ! This is perfect for a baby/wedding shower or a cute birthday party. And I know at first look you may think that is to hard and takes way to much effort but I promise it's easy yall know I do EASY.  Take a few seconds and look at the directions you won't be sorry !! I have also made this just for me and my daughter for a special fun day treat. … [Read more...]

Valentine Cherry Cocktail.

Who said Valentine's Day is only for LOVERS ? Not this year check out this very Valentine festive drink for the adults. If your kids feel left out you can always just leave out the alcohol and have a matching drink that's what I do for my daughter. It's lots of fun and something special for you and them ! Ya'll know by now I love easy and pretty treats this is defiantly one of those !! … [Read more...]