3 Last Minute DIY Valentine Garlands.

If yall are anything like me you have a craft stash? My husband went hunting this weekend and I pulled together a bunch of odds and ends to make 3 very cute garlands. They make the house more festive I even took one to work.... Don't worry don't have a lot of this at home? If not most of this can be bought at the dollar store for very very cheap. … [Read more...]

Valentine Cherry Cocktail.

Who said Valentine's Day is only for LOVERS ? Not this year check out this very Valentine festive drink for the adults. If your kids feel left out you can always just leave out the alcohol and have a matching drink that's what I do for my daughter. It's lots of fun and something special for you and them ! Ya'll know by now I love easy and pretty treats this is defiantly one of those !! … [Read more...]