Hit The TARGET This Year.

Like a needed another reason for TARGET to be my favorite store now a new product I recently added to my routine is coming to TARGET yay !! now even easier for me to pick up when needed. I get EVERYTHING @ Target why you ask ? Well #1 the products I buy there are much more unique than other places like stationary, toys and my neat crafting supplies and now ALL my beauty products & #2 the prices are amazing and I can get in and out quickly when I'm in a hurry. I'm 31 & picked this product up when I noticed my crows feet kind of early for that? well not really I realized. Especially for … [Read more...]

Sequins Spotlight #4

    Hey Everyone! Becca here, 20 something Wifey to my best friend Jake  [ next month will be ONE year, eep! ] & Soon to be Mama to a sweet baby boy,  [ we're talking like sometime in the next few weeks soon [name to be announced very soon!] ] We're living in our newlywed nest in the midwest, but deep down i'm a Mountain girl at heart Blogging started off as just a way to document life & has turned into a really fun hobby pregnancy updates, [ soon to baby updates/pictures]  things on my heart or the recently new feature Buzz Worthy Wednesday are … [Read more...]

Bloggers Gonna Blog

Okay so by now y'all know I live in a town about the size of a mini van. We have a Walmart & a Waffle House I know classy right ? Nah... I love it though... Small town living is amazing but not so much when you want new and "different" stuff. So when I started blogging and meeting new people. I was blown away with the uniqueness of organic products and all the neat amazing things that people make and have won me over with way more than my items I buy online from Sephora. … [Read more...]