4 Layer Strawberry Dessert.

Not only is this dessert SO CUTE but it's also really good ! This is perfect for a baby/wedding shower or a cute birthday party. And I know at first look you may think that is to hard and takes way to much effort but I promise it's easy yall know I do EASY.  Take a few seconds and look at the directions you won't be sorry !! I have also made this just for me and my daughter for a special fun day treat. … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Chip Milkshake.

If you don't know by now you will soon that Valentine's Day is my favorite of them all !! It's sweet, cute, fun and I love all things white, pink, red and gold. Even making cute stuff for the kids class is fun for Valentine's Day. Here you will find my BEST pink treat that me and the kids love and make every year it's so easy and good ! … [Read more...]