Valentine Cherry Cocktail.

Who said Valentine’s Day is only for LOVERS ? Not this year check out this very Valentine festive drink for the adults. If your kids feel left out you can always just leave out the alcohol and have a matching drink that’s what I do for my daughter. It’s lots of fun and something special for you and them !

Ya’ll know by now I love easy and pretty treats this is defiantly one of those !!

Valentine Cocktail

Serve with a bowl of cherries on the side. When I make this for company and not just me I always serve it on a  white tray and it looks amazing ! So simple but looks so classy and makes people think you went above and beyond.

What You Need:

Cherry & Whiskey Cocktail Ingredients


  • 4 De-Stemmed Cherries
  • 1 tbsp. Cherry Juice (from canned cherries)
  • 1 tsp. Fresh Lemon Juice
  • ½ cup Grenadine
  • 2 oz. Whiskey
  • 1 cup Sparkling Water
  • Stemmed Cherries (garnish)



Cherry & Whiskey Cocktail In-Process #1 Cherry & Whiskey Cocktail In-Process #2 Cherry & Whiskey Cocktail In-Process #3 Cherry & Whiskey Cocktail In-Process #4 Cherry & Whiskey Cocktail In-Process #5 Cherry & Whiskey Cocktail In-Process #6


  1. In a shaker, mash de-stemmed cherries with muddler.
  2. Add cherry juice, freshly squeezed lemon juice, grenadine, whiskey, and sparkling water to shaker. Add ice cubes. Shake.
  3. Pour into glass through strainer. Garnish with stemmed cherries.


Yes That CUTE & That EASY !!! ENJOY…

Please let me know if you ever have any questions for me. I will always answer them quickly. Thanks so much for coming by my blog it’s my creative space that keeps me going !

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  1. says

    Yummy! I am normally not a huge whisky fan but I would totally try this if it's mixed with cherries. Could you also mix it with vodka for a different taste?
  2. says

    You had me at cherry! ;) Looks delicious! I'm with the poster above, have you tried it with vodka?
  3. says

    thats such a beautiful looking drink ..thanks will be trying it out.
  4. says

    YUM. So need to try this soon. I don't like cherry but looking at this? Yes please. :)
  5. says

    Yum!!! I am weirdly obsessed with maraschino cherries (my grandma used to buy me a jar every Christmas) haha! SO this drink is perfect for me!
  6. Crystal says

    This looks amazing! I love everything Valentine's and Cherry!
  7. says

    those drinks look magnificent! i love that you can make this kid friendly too, perfect for parties with adults and children!!
  8. says

    Interesting idea to mix whiskey with sweet cherries like that--like an amped up Manhattan, almost. I remember my cousin making us Shirley Temples back when we were kids--we felt so grown up with our own fancy drinks :)
  9. says

    This looks tastey! Such an interesting idea to mix it with cherries.
  10. says

    I totally agree. Valentines day is not just for lovers. It celebrates love. Love for anything and everything! Need to try this recipe!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Yes !!!! Love your outlook. Thanks so much for coming by.
  11. says

    Such a cute drink for Valentine's day, and great idea to make a kid friendly version!
  12. says

    ok no only does this look amazing but it HAS to be good with the added whiskey in it! Oh my yum!
  13. says

    Not a huge cherry fan, but I love me some whiskey! This drink sounds really punchy and fun.
  14. Eileen xo says

    Such a fun Valentine drink. I am a huge cherry fan.This would be great for the holiday as the kids can have without the liquor
  15. says

    I'm all about easy! Lovely color that's perfect for Valentine's Day. I don't think I've ever tried a drink with whiskey in it.
  16. says

    How cute you should put some edible love hearts in it and edible confetti that would look so cool. I would have mine without alcohol in it as I can't drink but great recipe.
  17. says

    that looks like a simple but yummy recipe, will have to try it out!
  18. says

    What a fun drink idea! My kids will try anything with maraschino cherries. Perfect for Valentine's day!
  19. says

    Yum! This looks so festive! I love maraschino cherries - so yummy! And this sounds very refreshing!
  20. says

    What a lovely drink to enjoy on Valentine's Day. My husband and I will enjoy this, for sure.
  21. says

    I don't care what people say about maraschino cherries, I love them. This drink is definitely one for celebrating Valentine's Day!
  22. CourtneyLynne says

    Oooo now this sounds like a tasty drink!!!! Anything to spice up whiskey ;-)
  23. says

    This looks delish! I cant wait to make it for Valentines Day.
  24. says

    All of my favorite ingredients!! How could anyone resist this? I think it's perfect for V Day!
  25. says

    These look great! How fun! I will have to try! xo-Wendie
  26. says

    These look SO GOOD!!! I have to try these, thank you for sharing!!!!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Yes absolutely I do for the kids all the time :)
  27. says

    Looks delicious! Can't wait to try it out this weekend! Thanks for sharing. XO, Rachel
  28. says

    These cocktails look so good, I know they would be a bit hit o Vday! Thank you for sharing your recipe!
  29. The Southern Thing says

    This would pair perfectly with a Valentine's Day dinner!

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