Welcome To Atlanta: Why I Love It!

Ya’ll living close to everything ATLANTA has to offer is just amazing!!! There are busy city streets and chilled out neighborhoods it’s literally the best of both worlds! Where you can do and get anything right out the front door! Below I will show you what makes Atlanta unique and a few of my fave things/places! You can’t go wrong in Atlanta and there is areas for everyone’s budget! Go to ForRent.com put in a dollar amount & it will blow your mind what all is waiting on you!

1st Up Graffiti Walls:

Whats more fun than cute graffiti walls!!! NOTHING i mean people used to hate graffiti and looked at so badly but NO longer and oh! i’m so glad! I’ve always loved it and now it’s welcome and people can spend a fun day finding different fun spots for a quick photo shoot A few of my faves are listed below:

  • 10 Krog Street
  • 985 Monroe Drive NE
  • 327 Edgewood Ave SE
  • 3330 Piedmont Road NE
  • 39 GA Ave SE
  • 1183 Howell Mill Road

Know you want to move but have no idea where,  ForRent.com came up with some local guides to metro areas all over the US to help you find places to live!  I love a good guide it will at least give you an idea and get your wheels turning in the right direction … Check a few of my faves out below you won’t be sorry:





2nd “The Magical Treehouse” via AirBnb:

This gem has been one of the most wished for listing on AirBnb for a while now.  Atlanta has beautiful weather in the spring and fall.  If you are looking for a unique experience and want a little fresh air without leaving the city, this is your place!



Finding an apartment can be downright miserable, but don’t let it be. Websites, like ForRent.com, making finding the perfect apartment easy. Just enter your location, desired price, and the number of bedrooms, and ForRent.com will find you a list of apartments that finally raise the bar. It’s such an easy way to shop for your new humble abode!

3rd Roof Ponce City Market:

A handy adult playground for those who prefer their fun outside of the nightclubs, The Roof has a nice view to complement its fully stocked beer garden. Carnival games and general revelry is the aim of The Roof, and it hits the mark in a fun unique way. I mean need I say more roof top and beer garden just GO you will LOVE it!

4th City Sky Wheel:

This is so fun yall! I mean what’s better for a date night than dinner and the Sky wheel yep nothing!! I love it, the kids love it’s a win-win and totally amazing at night! I have been on at least 8 times and still see something different every time!

5th The World of Coke:


One of the highlights of the World of Coca Cola is the chance to taste 100 flavours of Cola Cola products from around the world.  With different products available in so many countries your taste bus will be amazed by the variety. Everything in this building is neat!!


I could literally list and tell you about 100 more things there is always fun free events, festivals, concerts, and some of the best eating ever! I will eventually do a 2nd Atlanta post of more “hidden” gems so stay tuned!! Hope you enjoyed my take on my city!!!

Ya’ll have a great weekend!! And grab a city guide ASAP HERE.

Thanks so much for coming by!

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  1. says

    I haven't been to Atlanta since I was a kid, but this post makes me want to go back and visit. So many fun things here!
  2. babiestobookworms says

    I love Atlanta! I have gone there a lot over the years and there is always something new to do! We loved the World of Coke and have made sure to stop there on several of our visits.
  3. says

    You definitely make Atlanta look good. For living so close, in the Tampa Bay area, I've never really been to Atlanta. And everyone who's lived there in recent years has said some pretty great things about it. I'll have to check it out now!
  4. Kristen says

    Wow Atlanta looks like a place I need to visit! Those graffiti walls are amazing!

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