Gypsy Soul Planner Set…

  Hey !! Me again & with more free inserts / dashboard / dividers... I really enjoy creating all these so I hope to deliver more and more each week. If you just discovered me I'm a 30ish lifestyle blogger from Toccoa, GA (A very tiny town you prob have never heard of). I have two tiny humans that I love so much !!! My Blog is very laid back and fun !! Check back often for new stuff !! … [Read more...]

Foxy Planner Set.

   Is it almost Christmas ?? Cause today in GA it was 75 degrees and my kids were running around barefoot and shirtless haha !! Good thing we live out on a farm and they can do that right? Well while it was so pretty out today I made some amazingly cute planner dividers, dashboards, meal planner & expense insert. Very cute and different. Use them how you wish I did one set kind of like dividers so they could be matching and laminated if wanted.... And the other set is more like dashboard but you know how creative the planner world is so the options are endless. … [Read more...]

Kate Spade Inspired Planner Perfection

I'm back again and even better with a Kate Spade inspired dashboard/dividers and a Kate Spade inspired daily calendar insert. All these are for "personal" sized planners I have way more request for that size but if you see something you really love and need it in a A5 let me know !! I swoon over EVERYTHING Kate Spade ! So I had so much fun creating these and all the quotes that they use are epic and make your thoughts a tad lighter which is always a awesome thing ! Especially if you stay busy and work a lot like me. … [Read more...]