Foxy Planner Set.

foxy planner set

   Is it almost Christmas ?? Cause today in GA it was 75 degrees and my kids were running around barefoot and shirtless haha !! Good thing we live out on a farm and they can do that right? Well while it was so pretty out today I made some amazingly cute planner dividers, dashboards, meal planner & expense insert. Very cute and different.

Use them how you wish I did one set kind of like dividers so they could be matching and laminated if wanted…. And the other set is more like dashboard but you know how creative the planner world is so the options are endless.

Keep checking back cause I plan to have so many new sets up in the coming weeks… It’s so fun to create and I love when people can use them for free.


As always my free printables are ready to print true to size. All you need to do it cut and the best looking way to do so is I think with a paper cutting board and use heavier paper. If you ever have trouble printing please let me know. I use my home printer sometimes but I have found out recently that you can get these printed at your local printing store for cheap and great quality. (Staples, OffieDepot, Walgreen etc…)


1 2 3 4 5 6 7


fox 4 fox 2 fox 1 fox 3


fox meal fox money

I love these for some reason very classy but cute as well !!! So much more coming soon yall !!!! I’m excited !!! It will only get better and better ! Hope you enjoy these !!! Thanks so much for coming by means more than you know !


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  1. says

    Good work, Laci (you weren’t lying about being a planner junkie). I’m a fox fan so I definitely like these – and motivational ones like “be the best you” are always a nice reminder!)

  2. Garlic + Zest says

    My last planner was the most boring piece of well – you know. These are so cute. Can we customize the insert pages?

  3. rsrote says

    These are very cute! I’m not HUGE on planners–but meal planning is the one area I feel it’s a MUST! Printing out a few for that =)

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