So Ready For Fall Ya’ll !


I live in Georgia most of y’all know that by now. This summer was HOT !!!! I mean like burn your feet when your barefooted and walk just to the car. And here in the country we stay barefooted.

I am a true sun god and love summers but when its so pretty outside I feel like I want to be laying out in the sun, having fun & definitely not sitting @ my desk at work.

But oh fall is my baby !! Yep I love it all everything about it. It seems like the air is fresh, I feel better and the kids enjoy every second of being outside when it’s cooler temps out.

Something about boots, a cute scarf and coming home to cinnamon smells (glade plug in). It’s just amazing.


fall bucket list-1

For the past three days its been storming & raining so it cooled off a good bit and at night it almost felt like fall !! I got all excited.

To me fall is major fun close family time. So many neat and fun thing to-do even for little ones. Hayrides, corn maze, bonfires, etc… It’s fun and everyone connects.



This is going to be my go to recipe. I mean just look how amazing it looks and will taste. I’m going to have this often and take to all get together. Just click pic to be directed. Caramel Apple dip with white chocolate yep I’m in love.


Here are a few of my favorite fall 8X10 Printables all ready for a frame.







What’s yall’s favorite season ? And Why ?


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  1. says

    I am excited about fall, too and we have been having cooler weather here in STL! I need to start on my fall bucket list. Yours looks great! I just did my first fall craft this week and I can't wait to share it. Carrie
  2. says

    This is such a cute post!! I must make that dip for thanksgiving AND halloween! It looks so yummy! and dangerous haha! And those print outs are adorable. I have never thought to switch my frames out with stuff like that, I must do that!! Danielle Greco
    • Laci Carlson says

      I love putting my Printables in frames I bet you will to :)
  3. says

    I'm a Georgia Girl, too and yes! Summer was unbelievably hot! I love summer usually. We're tops off the car & Jeep, swimming all the time kinda family but it was too hot to enjoy that this summer. We've taken refuge from the heat in the air conditioning. Usually by this time of year i'm ready for fall but i'm getting married in September in Panama City & going to Hawaii for our honeymoon so, actually, i'm hanging on to summer just a little bit longer.
  4. says

    Honey-child, you're not the only one ready for fall to arrive! I decorate my planner with a autumn theme so it's with me all year!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Love it and good idea I'm definitely a fall person now !!!
  5. says

    Fall is my absolute fave time of year! I've already been hauling out my decor because I JUST.Can't.Wait!!!! And it's Pumpkin Spice Latte season......
    • Laci Carlson says

      Me to I can't wait I have tons of fall color decor and km itching to bring it all out :)
  6. says

    When I lived in Colorado my favorite season was spring... the cool breeze off the mountain was heaven after a long cold winter. Now that I am in Alabama I might have to adapt to fall... the summers are too hot around here! Hehe! Loved your bucket list!
  7. says

    Generally I hate winter (I should say I am Canadian) but I am actually looking forward fall this year! I have started prepping already. To me September is really fall entirely :) I think we share the same bucket list!
  8. says

    I can't wait for fall!! Even though it Texas it isn't quite the same as everywhere else!
  9. says

    We are in Mississippi and it's been HOT here, too! I'm so excited for Fall! It's my favorite season :) I love the smells, the crunchy leaves, the weather, the foods.. all of it! I can't wait! :)
  10. says

    I totally understand your readiness for fall! I live in Southern CA and it's nasty hot! Today is 97 and just gross. I love fall and spring (not that we really get that here's like an endless summer!). I'm sitting at my computer listening to Christmas music (I know, more winter than fall...but...) just to keep cool! I like your bucket list! I may have to do something like that! Since we don't really have "fall" here, it's hard to find places that re-create a real "fall". There are definitely no corn mazes! But I am looking forward to boots and jeans and scarves and cooking everything pumpkin! Thanks for the fun post!
  11. says

    I am so jealous!!! We live in Texas, so it's still 95 degrees here! We won't even be thinking about fall for at least two more months!
  12. says

    Im so ready for fall. Its been in the 50-60's here I love it.
    • Laci Carlson says

      I'm jealous !!! It's still 80 here right now @ 7:20 pm :(
  13. says

    Fall all the way, baby! :) I love it for all the reasons on your list. Plus, I am not a summer fan (yes, I am weird). I love fall and winter. Here in lower Michigan, though, winter can be very disappointing (rain, for instance, instead of snow..yuck). But fall never disappoints. Stopping by from Welcome Home Wednesday!
    • Laci Carlson says

      Yay !!!! Thanks so much for coming by ! And we actually get a whole a lot of rain and no snow and my kids get so mad !! Here's to fall !!
  14. says

    I agree that I can not wait till fall. I live in TX and it's been pretty hot here as well. It's started to get a little cooler this week but who knows when fall or actual winter will take place here.
  15. says

    I'm ready for fall too! I'm in Chicago and it was either raining or unbearably hot. Bring on Pumpkin Spice everything. Sarah Noel |
  16. says

    Yes yes yes to everything on your fall bucket list! Im a big fan of all four seasons its what I live about living in NY but I have to say, fall is #1! Great post, have a great week xo
  17. Lia says

    Thank you for sharing. I am so ready to be done with all this HEAT here in the South. Bring on the cooler temperatures and the Fall feelings.

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