Pinteresting Trees VS. Our Tree.

Everybody says I'm the opposite of OCD and normally that works out pretty well for me. I mean life is way to short to fold socks and worry about the dishes being lined up. Right ? Just kidding if your that way that's okay my best friend is. But it does come in handy when your kids want to be in total control of the Christmas tree ! In the years past I have never let them I always bought matching ornaments and placed where I wanted them and kinda let the kids hand them to me to hang etc... … [Read more...]

It’s A PJ’s & Potatoes Tradition.

Traditions are so special to me around the holidays we have traditions for a bunch of them but... Christmas ones are the best !! Bet your wondering what in the world PJ's & Potatoes !! Well let me explain by now y'all probably know I'm not the best cook in the world yes I'm okay with that but the one thing I can and always make every holiday is Betty Crocker French Onion Scalloped Pototaos. My whole family gets together so I like to do my part and take a dish and that is the one go to recipe I have !! And easy is a understatement and its gone in minutes. … [Read more...]