Thrift Store Swap!


This is the most fun I have had with the most amazing people in a really long time. Not only do we get closer as blog friends everyday but we rock the Thrift Store Swap. Lyn @ Mid Michigan Mom came up with this unique idea !! And so far 10 of us have joined in !! What we do is each person goes to a thrift store and gets two items under $10 to send to another person for them to recreate and do a DIY project. 1/2 the fun is that that you have no idea what your getting it’s so neat !!! I sent my two items to Betsy @ Happily ever After, Etc. & I got mine from Lisa @ Five Kids A Dog & A Blog. 

I feel so lucky to be apart of this !!! & have been looking forward to it from day 1 !

What thrift items have ya’ll found and re-did?? Show me I love seeing them all !!


who did it

The Small Stuff Counts

Not Your Average Southern Belle.

At Home With Sweet Tea.

Mid Michigan Mom.

Happily Ever After, Etc.

Five Kids, A Dog & A Blog.


Less House More Home.

The Fox & Bear Homestead.


YAY !!!! Look what I did below.


This is the 1st item I did !! OMG it turned out so good !! As you can see below I provided before pic, during the process pic and the final product. I have it sitting on the kitchen counter and change out the chalk message and cards from time to time. I painted it with a black chalk board spray paint and painted a wooden “C” silver. I took little craft clothes pins to hold the cards. It was so easy and it’s really neat ! It can even be used to write reminders on !! What do you think ?? Did I do good? What would you have done ?







See !!! I love it it’s something fun and different and was so cheap to create !!

Next up project #2. This one had me a little more stumped on what I should do. I had thought about making some type of jewelry holder but I did that recently with a tree branch. So I decided to make a cute item for my daughters room. I used white paint, hot glue, and cute fabric flowers. She was so excited !! I had a few more thought but what I did seem to please me. Let me know what you would have done with this item please.






The final turned out really good on this one to ! I just set it on top of her TV and I have had quite a few comments on it already !!


This Thrift store swap was so fun I’m already excited for the next one !! I hope you take time to visit them all and see what we all came up with.

Thanks so much for stopping by this project is extra special.


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  1. says

    You did a great job, Laci! I love what you did with the first item especially. It took me ages to figure out what I was doing with my own, for I have no idea what I'd do with all of your items!!
  2. says

    Laci, love how your projects came out! The little clothespins on the note board are too cute =) I look forward to seeing what we do next swap ;)
  3. says

    Great ideas! I would love to join the thrift store swap next time. Please keep me in mind :) Paula
  4. says

    How cute are these! I love a good upcycle ...especially when you can use a little spray paint to make it shine and look pretty. The message board is perfect! Great post! :)
  5. says

    Very cute! You did a great job. I haven't done too many thrift store flips, but I love thrifting and hope to do some soon!
  6. says

    Very creative. I love both projects. I would've been stumped on the second item, but you made something simple and awesome. I've never heard of a Thrift Store Swap. Thanks for sharing.

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