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Hey ya’ll!!! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while but be glad because there are tons of amazing things coming to the blog!!! New places I’ve been, tons of new fun colorful recipes & fun packed family stuff! 1 st I wanted to share my new obsession… FUN PICTURES AROUND THE WATER!!! the more I get to play and create these pictures the more I want to and think of new fun stuff! I have funky Flamingo shoot planned next. (so duh! check back!) Below you will find what my MUST HAVE items are what I use and how I create these fun images!

What all do you have planned this summer? Trips, Camp, sleep overs, movie nights? All of those are amazing and scream summer nights!! Along with all those fun things try something new this summer I promise you will be hooked! Underwater Photography not only is it so cool the kids love how much I’m in the water with them so it’s a family bonding win-win!



GoPro (or any underwater camera)

Dome (this is for the cool split image look)

Filters for the GoPro (not a must just fun to play with)

Kleenex Go-Anywhere Pack (#1 must)

  • These are a MUST! as much as we go underwater and stay underwater we get so snotty!! and they are perfect for drying off my equipment! The waterproof pouch can’t be beat!
  • I hook the pack to my pool/beach bag and never have to worry about not having them with me.
  • Perfect size they don’t take up  a lot of space.
  • The new Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs can be attached anywhere for easy access.
  • Convenient.
  • Pick them up @ Walmart.



“Visit you local Walmart and stock up on the Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs for all of your summer fun.

Save $.50 Now! on NEW! Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs at Walmart!”












  • Get fun bright colored goggles.
  • Go under while shooting you can see so much better.
  • Some cameras have a burst mode use it.
  • Try not to get to close it makes it harder @ 1st.
  • Find a fun mermaid fin.
  • Have Fun.


I edit my shots in Lightroom just to get the feel I want but even when I don’t they still looks amazing so don’t worry if you don’t wanna edit who cares have fun and create anyway!!

There is no right or wrong way to get these cool shots just get in have fun and play!!!







It’s time to hit the water! Visit your local Walmart now stock up on the essentials and Kleenex Go Anywhere Packs for water fun. Save Save $.50 on your purchase too.

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  1. says

    I totally want to get a GoPro for the summer!! We just got my niece a mermaid tail/fin for her birthday too ;)
  2. says

    These photos are incredible!!! I love all these essentials and we definitely take kleenex with us everywhere!!!

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