Good Morning Smoothie Bowl

Okay, I have so enjoy creating a few edible things lately I have always been a crafter not a cooker. I don't really have a specific thing I like to make. I see inspiration of something that's easy and fun and go from there. I'm not a 100% healthy eater I'm ALL about flavor ! But hey if it's healthy that's a plus right ? This year I did promise myself to eat a little better and I did add a vitamin and lot's more water to my diet so in all go me !!! … [Read more...]

Nutella Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries.

Ya'll I'm loving doing some fun stuff in the kitchen can you tell ??  Yes I'm normally a crafter not a cooker but the fun things I have been making lately in the kitchen can almost be considered crafty !! And of course it's all easy and budget friendly I don't do hard and expensive. And valentines day at mu house is FUN for me and the kids it doesn't have to be just a LOVE holiday !! I do fun stuff for weeks in advance. crafts, food, gift baskets for the kids etc.... You can be anti V-Day and still love this stuff !! … [Read more...]

Homegating Salmon Pepper Poppers.

FOOTBALL FOOD Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Stuffed Pepperoncini Holy amazing !!!! Your taste buds will score a touchdown !!! This is the perfect creation for game day !!! I live in GA so football is huge !!! We make it a gathering, party and even play cards in between sometimes. Yep and all the wife's and girlfriend's hogs the TV for the 1/2 time show !! Why not make it fun & create something amazing and eye catching ? Yes, beer and wings are AMAZING but have some good girl food the guys will love it to but won't admit it !! … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day White Chocolate Chip Milkshake.

If you don't know by now you will soon that Valentine's Day is my favorite of them all !! It's sweet, cute, fun and I love all things white, pink, red and gold. Even making cute stuff for the kids class is fun for Valentine's Day. Here you will find my BEST pink treat that me and the kids love and make every year it's so easy and good ! … [Read more...]

Mini Roast Beef Sammies.

Who's ready for some football ???? I live in Georgia and down here Football is a huge deal especially on Super Bowl Sunday !! Every year we have people over to hang out watch the game and play cards ! I normally just pick everything up out in town. NOPE not this year i'm excited all my goals for the past few moths have had one common factor that was for me to cook more. I'm finally getting there... no i'm no gourmet chef but stuff like this is fun and so good !!! I practiced a few nights ago and this is a new favorite by far !! I'm excited ! And it's fancy, easy and fast amazing right ? … [Read more...]