What ? I’m Not Super Mom !

Can you believe I'm not super mom ??? I know me either ! Guess I'm just now figuring that out. It's Friday afternoon/night right at 7:48 PM exactly 2 hours and 48 minutes ago I picked my son up at daycare after my tedious 9-5 where I am a office servant and I do Excel all day. It pays the bills and pays a lot more than what most employers pay in the tiny town I love. … [Read more...]

Last Minute Easter

Every holiday big or small has some type of tradition at our house. Growing up my mom was amazing at making everything extra special. Now it's my turn to do that for my little humans. For Easter the whole family gets together and hides eggs for the kids over and over and over... The night before Easter we dye and decorate eggs or all kinds. Glitter, the dye, mix and even draw and put stickers on some. Of course the morning of the Easter bunny comes ! I leave a big basket for each child filled with mostly easter themed goodies. I'm going to give you some fast easy last minute things you can … [Read more...]

I Fall For You Everyday.

Marriage can be amazing and very stressful! Just like people with no kids have all the answers for people with kids. People that are not married think its so easy and everything is black or white and set in stone. Sorry sweetie I'm pretty sure that's why you not married or have never been ! I have only been married about four years which is nothing im ready for 40 more !! We have two kids and we all know what that can cause, stress, tiredness and zero sex and a tedious routine that you forget your even married. The lack of sex can be what really brings the 'spice' of the relationship … [Read more...]