Avocado Granola Smoothie Bowl.

    If you haven't made or had a smoothie bowl yet you ARE missing out big ! Not only are they super packed with healtyness they are so good and so easy. I love drinking smoothies as well but I have fell in love with the smoothie bowl and the extra texture that comes with it. I normally save my smoothie bowls for the weekend I have extra time to enjoy my treat. … [Read more...]

The Best Superfood Smoothie.

I will admit I have not always been a smoothie/healthy  eating person but I am trying and doing so much better ! Now don't get me wrong I still have my share of the no so healthy goodies as well. I love it all ! But lately I have really been enjoying my smoothie bowls and smoothies ! They taste amazing and no gritting mess here ! And they are truly good for you ! It's a win-win ! Smoothies are NOT hard work like some think as long as you pick up the ingredients as needed and stock up your good ! And then there is always to make them your own something you love or hate you can always add and or … [Read more...]

Good Morning Smoothie Bowl

Okay, I have so enjoy creating a few edible things lately I have always been a crafter not a cooker. I don't really have a specific thing I like to make. I see inspiration of something that's easy and fun and go from there. I'm not a 100% healthy eater I'm ALL about flavor ! But hey if it's healthy that's a plus right ? This year I did promise myself to eat a little better and I did add a vitamin and lot's more water to my diet so in all go me !!! … [Read more...]